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Pullips by Jun Planning Claims Community
Claim anything Pullip-related!
Recent Entries 
7th-Mar-2008 10:45 am - Kirakishou
clem/tang art
May I claim Kirakishou?
19th-Nov-2007 09:45 am(no subject)

I'd like to claim Chicca and Jouet please!

18th-Nov-2007 08:40 pm(no subject)
Pullip dolls -- Elisabeyta daydreaming
May I please claim Zuora? :-) Thank you so much in advance! :-)
1st-Nov-2007 03:53 pm - Cinnamoroll
pullip love
May I please claim dal Cinnamoroll? thanks :)
19th-Sep-2007 09:43 pm(no subject)
I would like to claim Prunella please.
3rd-Sep-2007 06:25 pm(no subject)
Barasuishou `pullip ~
 I'd like to claim Raphia (Pullip.) ^_^.
9th-Aug-2007 02:32 am - May I claim?
Spam_Robin: Found MY Grail!
May I claim Barasuishou and Missionary?
2nd-Aug-2007 06:18 pm - Claim!
I'd like to claim the Hello Kitty Pullip. ^_^  Thank you!
12th-Jul-2007 06:35 pm(no subject)
MISUZU ಌ she's waiting
Can I claim Lan Ake (Pullip) and Barasuishou (Pullip) please? Thanks in advance!
23rd-Jun-2007 11:29 pm - Claim!
Yue: Laugh
Could I please claim Alice [Pullip] and Sooni [DAL]? ^o^
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