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Welcome to Pullip Claims, the community where you, the dolly lover, can capture that alluring Pullip custom, Paja's dinosaur, colorful Chicca stock, or rare doll you've always dreamed of claiming.

A claim is something that one "owns" whether from Pullips, game, anime, etcetera.

In Pullip Claims, you can "claim" anything related to Pullips by Jun Planning. Want Taeyang all to yourself? Claim him! Want to claim that too-rare Leprotto? Claim her, although people may beat you to it! Interested in claiming your favorite Pullip year? Go ahead! Want to get Panda's glasses? Step right up! It is all about claims and you can take them if you follow the rules.

The Claims List

I. Only Pullip-related claims can be made.
This means no Blythes, other Jun Planning dolls, BJDs, Barbies, My Little Pony, or anything can be claimed! All your non-Pullip claims will be deleted.

II. Only 2 claims per person.
Nobody should go crazy and claim all the Pullips available! You must leave some for others! Only one stock Pullip may be claimed per person, if you choose to claim one! This means along with your Pullip claim, you can claim a Taeyang, Namu, DAL, mini, or custom too, just not another stock Pullip. Claim a fashion style, Pullip x Taeyang or Namu pairing, a particular accessory, a year, a box, a trading card, everything Pullip-related is open to you!

III. Check the claims list before claiming.
Make sure you are claiming something that is not already taken.

IV. Sharing claims?
Yes, if something has already been claimed that you wanted for yourself, kindly contact the user and ask them if they would be willing to share the claim. But, if they do not respond or give you permission to share the claim, you cannot have it.

V. How do I earn more claims?
You may earn more claims by creating banners and icons for the community. Sometimes around the holidays I will allow everyone to have an additional claim as well.

VI. If you are not having fun, do not claim!
The community is for fun and if you find yourself not having fun, then do not claim! :) Let loose and enjoy yourself, this is solely for fun!

VII. No causing any drama or fighting over claims!
That's right. Once it's claimed, it's claimed.

Enjoy yourselves! :) And feel free to chat about anything Pullip, even if it does not have to do with claims. Thank you for joining and have fun!

♥ Rachel
Wintryabyss @ PS